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It is the things we do at the moment that will go down as our history. We live by the kind of engagements we make and things we undertake. Those are the stories we will tell when we will be recounting of moments. At times I look back and remember the events have attended that are still click-able in my mind. It so happens that most can be remembered where I had a good lively group. Someone claimed the other day that all I like is drinking as depicted from my pieces. Well, it is not me liking drinking, it is the vodka loving me more. I like so many things, I like being good, doing laundry and not being messy, and to my heartbreak they don’t like me back. Most of the things I like just happen in that same manner, I am yet to confirm if it applies to humans too. I remember one time attending The Prinsloo Sevens, Nakuru, with my boys, we drunk till we pour alcohol in a trench. That is one of the most ridiculous things have ever done in my life. Getting high which just directs you to throwing alcohol is a bad one. It is like getting fish from the lake then throwing it in dry land. Even the gods of the lake will never forgive you for that. You will lack the whole of your life.

So this day we are visiting table land, through some jungle till we get to the Great Rift Valley View Point, it is almost 20km walk. Today my plus one is Sharon. The previous day had been her birthday. I bet it went down well. It was the day we were meeting officially for the first time, though it appeared like we had known each other for the past year. Let me shout another happy birthday to her. It takes work to get past some age bracket and step up. This day she is wearing a patterned unbuttoned shirt over a grey flowery top and a rugged blue trouser. She has a ring on her nose which am tempted to throw a bad joke about. I only fear the wrath if it goes down bad. As a man you need to know when these things might backfire on your face, leaving you no option but to hold your peace. We are with the lovely Kate; she is a thorough lady who I do like the way she talks as well as her view of life. She is this person who you will have some random conversations and feel like you are talking to a human. There are some ladies who look so pretty till they open there mouths, thank God she is far away from that. When you are used to holding good insightful talks with pretty ladies, then Kate will fit the bill. Today she is in some blue shorts jeans (she is a Kale who will pass for a Luhya so you know what her frogs says) and a black top with a jumper tied on the waist, same to Oluoch in blue jeans shorts with an orange jumper and on his head a Mohawk of short dreadlocks, giving him this rugged look. I think the reason why many ladies think he is rugged even in deeds. We have had several of such days before with him. We have come way back as freshmen when we were still good. When weed to me was still just plants growing in unwanted places. It’s good we both know how to keep the unwritten rules of engagements. We both know our boundaries and don’t need reminding over it. Simple things like not wanting to sought tight friendships with the other person’s untouchables are kept. Keep it on bro. On my side I had my scarecrow like looks on.

Our water bottles filled, we decided on the best (by best I mean most scary) route to use.  Moving through the forest, at one point Oluoch spotted a chameleon patched on a grey spot of drying plant leaves making it have the different shades of grey in its body. He decided to be himself and in a worried voice point it out to Kate. I have never seen Kate scream that much, not like I have seen her scream before, no. I was seeing her scream for the first time, in frenzy way while running up the steep. It was like some possessed lady running from a spirit she could not see. I was taking some shots on this now so powerful animal. I am imaging, if it could cause such havoc when moving that slow. How about if it was to move at a mouse speed? I went and told it, ‘Mr. Chameleon you should be in a hurry to exit this world because currently there are several people already fit to be called using your name. The only thing is that they are not so proud of it like you move around carrying it all day.’ Again I could not fail to add, “if only you knew how many men wished to be you right now, from what you have done to Kate, the screaming part that is, in a given place.”

The clouds decided to pull a scare on us. It looked as if they were going to open up and tell us that this was a wrong day to make such walks. Well, it never came to be. I felt so relieved. I have always wanted to be in rains with someone in skirt. I have a clear picture of what I want to do with her on the rains. Today was just not going to be that day. Sharon had this look on her face that said she was tired and if we were to get any hasty, she was going to want some hand for support. I had to confirm if she was good, because deep inside I knew that she would be excused to be exhausted. The previous day was her birthday and for obvious reasons she had slept late. It was these times when we hope for the best even if we know there are high chances of the worst. I did not know how it would appear when I was going to tell her, “I am really sorry if you can’t move any longer because your guy here has less to offer, he weighs barely more than a bag of cement.” I hope this is not shouting am not a gentle man or again you can go ahead and judge or feel sorry me if you want.

We encountered some homes deep down in the valleys. Most were flat iron roof with red mad walls. They seemed to be so peaceful and that the occupants would breathe real fresh air because the trees were growing till the very last space next to the house. One home was full of banana plantations, avocado trees already bearing, and passion fruits with a garden of tomato and kale. Such times I think to myself, what did our forefathers do to curse my land to always be so bare? The predominant plantations at my homeland are thorns and stones. You start wondering if you will eat those when drought comes. The other day traveling with mum to South Nyanza, she kept telling me how the place is good for one to stay and build a home. Its fine I got what she was implying. I am almost telling her, “whatever you are saying my answer is NO.” I just let it go because as usual, who knows? In one of the homes we branched to buy tomatoes, had a scarecrow in the farm. I recalled one time some lady asked me to tell her more about me, I found myself saying things on the line of, and Lewis Martin is a simple guy who looks more of a scarecrow than a human. What a striking resemblance we had with this rooted stuff scaring away predators.

Getting to the mainland, on the tarmac we encounter a haystack market. Back in my homeland, people use grass only in building the grass apartments and to light fires. Well here we are in a market mainly for grass tied in stacks. They sell grass the same way we sell livestock in the market. When taking some porridge still at the market, we spot two kids struggling to tie up some left over pieces of the grass from a wooden crate. They were two little boys wearing gumboots and some clothes that were showing they were ready for this. That scene really moved me. I like when kids start doing chores when they are young, because I believe that they will grow with the same heart of hard work. They will not sulk and make faces at the prospect of just changing a blown off bulb. When ordering for the porridge, Kate suddenly catches the team light skin tendencies and she goes like “I will only take it if it’s hot.” I kept wondering how the uji would keep warm leave alone hot in a 20 liter can that is almost emptied. Does she come from a place where such containers too have a vacuum? I tentatively watched her drain a whole cup of the cold drink just like the rest of us. I almost missed catching Oluoch eating double the number of mandazi each of us had taken. This guy eats a lot. I am also getting convinced that I need to get rid of him around my circles to gain some weight. I will have some more food.

Just like all those other events we have had before, I have photos for this one clearly labeled in a folder. Though Oluoch told Kate when we were watching through them later that she shouldn’t have taken pictures of Sharon and me when misbehaving. He was only being himself yet again, they were not that serious. Nothing is ever that serious.


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