The Team

I like to consider myself a man on the journey. Out of trying to create my own world, I striked it with the insects and deemed it fit to leading a four step life cycle. Currently I am at the Chrysalis. Struggling, putting in the energy, fighting, at times suffocating but just not too much to go down or even give up as I know the next step is with my beautiful wings flapping all out to enjoy the morning chill, the afternoon breeze and the evening sunset rays. Currently I have nothing to write home about.
I love writing. I write for several reasons, I like telling stories, I believe my stories have a place in the world and to connect to every part of me. Nothing makes me feel more alive than writing, so I write to live.
I am a believer in freedoms of people to choose whatever they want. People got to do whatever makes them happy therefore I am not critical, I really don’t care about a lot of stuffs people do with their lives. Everyone has their life they can do what they want with it.
I write when inspired, for that reason I make sure that I am inspired daily.

Lewis Martin

I live my life one day at a time. Cliché? Deal with it. My favourite phrase in life is ‘Nobody knows the future.’ With that being a certainty, I strive to ensure that in a day, I make an impact and live a mark. My stories sometimes do that for me.
I have an overactive imagination. I am almost convinced that am not really human. I imagine my body functioning because sarcasm runs through my veins, with some level of craziness and just a pinch of giving a damn. My bones, we could say they are funny. Not debatable. And the flesh could be savage. See, overactive imagination.
I write because it’s the only way for me to stay sane. I write because I don’t want anyone else telling my story. They will mess it up, it’s better coming from me.

Paula Norah.