Today is the Saint valentine’s day, the day set aside for the celebration of love. Therefore it is just right that we talk about love. An aspect of love to be precise. Several people have tried to describe love before to no avail and I have no business meddling in it. Lest I break it for the lover. Even in as much as I like basking in the glory of spoilage, change is as better as a rest. Let me take a path less treaded to look at who a great lover is.

A great lover is most of the times believed to be embodied in actions rather than words. For the lovers of literature, you will hear most of the time they refer to Romeo and Juliet as the perfect example of an epitome of how a lover can get.

The religious guys on the hand would throw to you the act of Jesus Christ of Nazareth facing persecutions, crucifixion, and dying on the cross for human sins as the ultimate act of a good lover.

That every good lover must be willing to do something for you to express their love.
I tend to think otherwise. I believe that a good lover is the one who neither shows nor acts. That a great lover is one whose talks or actions towards the object of desire cannot be a measure on the love they hold for the other.

A great lover is someone who loves you from the deepest part of their heart but they acknowledge the fact that the beauty of the love would dissappear the moment they confess it to you. Not necessarily because of the fear of rejection, but of the fact that nothing stays the same after the confessions of love.

Even in as much as many believe that a great lover should go to whichever extremes to show their love. Well, looking at it from the angle of the lovee (does this exist) , I doubt if the risk is worth it. Will they have peace after their lover is gone? Will they be enjoying in solitude as they would have with the lovers around. How about their families and friends. How will they feel after his/her demise?

Again will they have achieved their purpose through the death? Like in Jesus’ case, did he die for the hypocrisy we face in church today? What a wasted death if at all he died for our sins yet sins keep spiraling, in fact some new and worse ways of sinning keep spiraling up with every new generation.
A great lover is the one who watches you from a distance, seeing the much they can bring themselves to, and believe you are the perfect human being who ever graced the earth.

The world has grown so capitalistic, where everything is getting commercialized, love inclusive. That is why the modern day Valentine’s day is hinged more on the spending money to show love, more than any other aspect, then sex maybe next following closely. It is such that the more you can spend on your partner is the greater a lover you are perceived to be.

Woe unto you broke men!

The truth is that great lovers are not worried about splashing gifts on you for just a single day. You already revolve in their world. They spend their lovey (this as well) time thinking about you. They have poems written about you, stories where you are the prosperous starring, even if not on paper but in their hearts. To them is a world where you are the sole leader and you call all the shots.

They spend their time studying you. Do not confuse it with stalking. They know and like things about you, so they have no need to disturb your peace asking you to tell them about yourself as if in a interview. They pay attention to details. They love how your hair rests on your shoulders. How you laugh and talk. They even love how you breath.

They know that in the morning your breathe beats the smell of socks submerged in dirty waters the worn for a whole week. They still love you the same.

What a pure love!

A great lover loves you more than any being has ever loved another but they never get in your way, and they let you keep whatever they love in you.

Can we for once let the so called nice guys and the ” shy” in love win this?

Happy Valentine’s day to you our readers.


  • Agnes Opondo

    February 15, 2018

    Nothing stays the same after the confessions of love. I totally agree with you on that. Good read


    February 24, 2018

    Awesome job bro


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